Alyson believes in the creative expression of life through writing, art, and peanut M&M's. Equally, she believes in the enjoyment of red wine and dark chocolate, together whenever possible. Laughter, humor, and good coffee are also daily must-haves.  Oh, and oysters. Those are always good, too.

Alyson is a construction project manager by profession, but an artist by nature with an ardent propensity for detailed subjects, overthinking things, and, very often, procrastination.  She was indulged in artistic efforts as a child by a creative mother, herself an artist, and was allowed free will of experimentation which led to her wide ranging style and media use. [Read: she can't make up her mind on just one medium]. Having a technical background and an architectural education, her style is influenced by small details, niches of space, darkness, light, and patterns.  She is passionate about the seemingly mundane beauty in things.  No, really.

While her fortes are watercolor and architectural illustration, Alyson works in photography, acrylic, pastel, gouache, pencil, ink, and decoupage. Actually, she has no idea what decoupage is.  Alyson also writes and is [allegedly] working on her first book. The book could take a while so in the meantime, you can check out her blog on this site where she writes about random stuff that she finds meaningful.  Maybe you will, too.

Having grown up in New England, Alyson has an affinity toward sarcasm and capturing moments experienced near the ocean, like waves and birds and stuff. Her photography is inspired by details that express the edges, textures, and patterns inherent in all things.  She also likes talking about herself in the third person.  

Please contact Alyson if you have interest in purchasing any of her pieces, or just to let her know you like her work.  She is also available for artistic and creative commissions and collaborations of any kind.  Well, almost any kind.

Alyson has traveled extensively across North America, Europe, South Africa, and Asia. She is currently planning a trip to Portugal and dreaming of retiring here.